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MenoPripojeniePodporované funkcie
LG -A133 at19200 info, sms, todo
LG 265 Nepodporované
LG 7.2mbps 3g Modem at info, sms, phonebook
LG A 133 blues60 filesystem
LG A140 blueat sms, phonebook, call
LG a310 at115200 info
LG ANDROIDLGE Nepodporované
LG BL20v blueat info
LG BL40 Nepodporované
LG C110 Nepodporované
LG C3380 Nepodporované
LG CE110 Nepodporované
LG CF360 blueat info, phonebook
LG Cookie Pep Nepodporované
LG crystal Nepodporované
LG CU-500 at115200 info, sms, phonebook
LG CU515 blueat info, sms, phonebook
LG cu915 Nepodporované
LG CU920 blueat info, sms
LG e430 Nepodporované
LG E440 at19200 info, phonebook, call
LG enV Touch Nepodporované
LG env2 (vx9100) Nepodporované
LG Expedite EU870D MiniCard at sms
LG F2400 Nepodporované
LG GB220 none
LG GC900 at115200 info
LG GD510 at info, sms, phonebook, call
LG GD510 Nepodporované
LG GD580 Lollipop at115200 info, sms, call
LG GM-750 at info, filesystem, ringtone
LG gm360i fbusdlr3 calendar, call, enhancedphonebook, filesystem, info, logo, mms, phonebook, ringtone, sms, todo
LG GS101 fbusdlr3 info, phonebook, enhancedphonebook, calendar
LG GS107 fbusdlr3
LG GS205 blueat info, sms, phonebook
LG GS290 blueat sms, phonebook
LG GS290 at19200 info
LG GT350 at info
LG GT400 blueat info
LG GT500 at phonebook, call
LG GT505 Nepodporované
LG GT505 at info, phonebook
LG GT540 at115200 phonebook
LG GT540 at info, sms, phonebook, enhancedphonebook, calendar, todo, filesystem, call, logo, ringtone
LG GU 285 blueat info, sms, phonebook
LG GW300 at115200 info, call
LG GW300FD at115200 info, sms, phonebook, call
LG GW520 blueat info
LG GX200 at115200 sms, phonebook, call
LG GX500 Nepodporované