Python rozhranie ku Gammu

Gamu tiež obsahuje rozhranie pre Python, ktorý poskytuje (väčšinu) funkčnosti Gammu z jazyka Python.

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python-gammu 2.6

python-gammu 2.6 has been just released. New bugfix release fixing mostly race condition issues.

Published on 24. máj 2016 by Michal Čihař

python-gammu 2.5

python-gammu 2.5 has been just released. Bugfix release, mostly for compatibility with recent Gammu versions.

Published on 19. január 2016 by Michal Čihař


Python module is now standalone, so please download it separately. If you want to use binary package, the daemon might be included in separate binary package in your distribution, try looking for something like python-gammu.

The easiest way to install it is using pip:

pip install python-gammu


Using python-gammu is quite simple, for example sending of the text message can be done by following snippet:

import gammu

sm = gammu.StateMachine()

message = {
    'Text': 'python-gammu testing message', 
    'SMSC': {'Location': 1},
    'Number': '+420800123465',



API documentation is available, but you might also find useful libGammu documentation. Please check developer documentation page for more details.

Check also Frequently Asked Questions.

Source code and issue tracker

Both source code and issue tracker are hosted on GitHub:

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