Wammu is mobile phone manager running on Linux, Windows and possibly other platforms, where libGammu and wxPython works. The communication is made by Gammu library. Currently supported features:

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Wammu 0.37

Wammu 0.37 has been just released. Translation updates, bugfixes and few new features.

Published on 8. október 2014 by Michal Čihař

Gammu moves to Github

All Gammu related Git repositories have been moved to Github. Also with this move all has been consolidated under single project. This move should allow easier contribution and possible hand over of development to new developers.

Published on 4. apríl 2012 by Michal Čihař


Wammu is included in many distributions, so please use the binary packages if applicable, it lowers risk of something going wrong during installation. You can also dowload sources or binaries for Windows.


Wammu does not come with much documentation and there is hope that it will be intiutive enough. You can check it's command line parameters in wammu man page.

Check also Frequently Asked Questions.