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MenoPripojeniePodporované funkcie
Approved SciPhone Dream g2 blueat info, sms, phonebook, enhancedphonebook, calendar
Approved SciPhone Dream G2 Nepodporované
Approved SciPhone Dream G2+ at115200 info, sms, phonebook, call
Approved SciPhone i68 Nepodporované
Approved SciPhone i68+ at info, phonebook, enhancedphonebook, call
Approved SciPhone i68+ blueat info, sms, phonebook, filesystem
SciPhone iclick broadband at115200 sms, todo, call, mms
Approved SciPhone Mini phone 009 blueat info, sms, phonebook, call, logo
Approved SciPhone MTK2 at115200 info, sms, phonebook, enhancedphonebook, filesystem, call
Approved SciPhone Privileg x7 blueat info, sms, phonebook, call