Gammu SMSD

Gammu SMS Daemon is a program that periodically scans GSM modem for received messages, stores them in defined storage and also sends messages enqueued in this storage. It is perfect tool for managing big amounts of received or sent messages and automatically process them.

You can currently store received messages in files or in various databases. MySQL and PostgreSQL are supported natively and wide range of others (including SQLite, Microsoft Access or Oracle) through ODBC or libdbi (libdbi backend is currently not available in Windows builds).

The package includes also tool gammu-smsd-inject which will help you creating long text messages and gammu-smsd-monitor which allows you to monitor current status of SMS Daemon or phone.

For managing messages in the database, you can use Kalkun frontend, which provides web interface to messages and phonebook. It works with MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite3 database. Check screenshots to see how it looks like.

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Gammu 1.42.0

Gammu 1.42.0 has been just released. Maintenance release including bug fixes contributed over past year.

Published on 3. október 2020 by Michal Čihař

Gammu 1.41.0

Gammu 1.41.0 has been just released. Releasing with several improvements and compatibility fixes.

Published on 27. september 2019 by Michal Čihař


SMS Daemon is distributed as part of Gammu so to download it just get Gammu. If you want to use binary package, the daemon might be included in separate binary package in your distribution, try looking for something like gammu-smsd.


There is SMS Daemon section in Gammu Manual which covers all aspects of using SMSD, similar documentation is available in The Gammu Manual which is distributed with the program.

Check also Frequently Asked Questions.

Source code and issue tracker

Both source code and issue tracker are hosted on GitHub:

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